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How to get organic traffic from Google in a Blogger Website (2022)

How to get organic traffic from Google on a blogger website using SEO backlinks and niche selection in a very easy manner so that billions of traffic.
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Hi Welcome to Anands.Xyz in today we are going to see how we can get a quality traffic which is fully organic from Google just buy writing in SEO optimised article and making some good baglings and doing the search engine SEO settings to a very good extent.

How to get Organic Traffic from Google on Blogger Website ?

So let's start without wasting much more time with some information about the things which we are going to use in this post.

What is Organic Traffic?

Assume like that you have search on Google about any term like a search term of shoes or socks then you might see that Amazon and Flipkart comes on the first place. 

When we click on this website then this whole procedure counts to be an organic traffic like we are clicking on the links from Google search engine so this will count as the organic visitor of that website.

So whenever such organic traffic comes to your website and your website has AdSense and then you will get a good amount of earning from them and Google just face for the organic traffic and if you by referral traffic then surely you will get adlimit.

So the main problem is that for the new websites they can't rank on such top level keywords and get a good amount of organic traffic.

Everyone is asking to every Pro blogger that how we can get organic traffic and how we can drink on Google so we will prepare a separate post for it about how we can rank on Google and how to make a good amount of baglings and reduce the spam score of our website.

How to get organic traffic from Google in a Blogger Website?

So basically there are many factors that depends upon getting an organic traffic or organic click on your website from the Google search results we will discuss them one by one in this heading.

1. Backlinks 

So firstly I will tell you about backlinks as backlinks are not so much important but they may help you to get indexed first rather than your compatible about any several specific posts and backlinks may increase your DA PA of your website so I will like to recommend you that you must willings and try to remove some your website and always build Backlinks either it is dofollow or nofollow.

2.SEO- Search Engine Optimization 

Basically SEO is such a factor which depends 90% upon how you will get rank on Google .
So there is very simple approach for getting a good percentage of SEO on your website or any over specific post.

There are below factors from which you can increase the SEO of your website-
  • Firstly find a perfect niche
  • Then see what competitor are ranking
  • If any Competitor is ranking then see the quality of website like DA PA Backlinks and Spam Score
  • Also see the article writing and it's headings and try to write more then the competitor and just use 1-2 heading of its post.
  • Then write your article and compare it with your competitor.
  • If it is good and have linking- external & internal then just add your description and schema and you are ready to go.

3. Niche Selection

Yeah this is that main problem of new bloggers about how they can select a perfect niche for their website.

So this is the point where you have to do some research about how in which night you are interested in and you can write even more better than others and yes this is the only way by which you can select your niche.

Although there are some tools which can help you and I have listed them below -

Yes so that's how you can rank and get a good amount of organic traffic from Google on your blogger website.

Conclusion - Organic Traffic from Google in Blogger Website

Yes so that's what I want to say about this organic traffic from Google in blogger website post so thank you for reading it and I think it might be helpful for you if you have any query is or any doubts then you can ask in the comment section and I will reply to you in sometime.

If you like our content then please share it with your friends and do rate us below in the rate menu and if you think that there is some problem in this post then feel free to tell us.


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Hello, I am Anand Nawal creating helpful tutorials on blogger and WordPress.


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